Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday South Africa: 5 Questions to Ask When Playing with Toy Animals

Tommy received a set of toy animals for Christmas from our friend Caroline.  These animals are high-quality, heavy, and detailed.

Living in South Africa, we are in close proximity to wild animals.  NOT on our street, but ten minutes away at The Johannesburg Zoo and an hour away at a small game park, and two hours away at a large game farm where one can do safari drives.

Tommy loved the animal toys instantly and played with them in several different ways, prompting questions and answers about animals that I thought it might be helpful to share.

All the South African animals are lined up neatly,
very much unlike in nature.
 1. Can this animal eat that one?

Can a giraffe eat an elephant? No, giraffes eat leaves.

This lion could eat this zebra, though.  The zebra had better run away now!

2. Can this animal be friends with this one?

Zebras and giraffes can be friends. You often see them grazing on the veldt [savannah] together.

3. Is this the daddy or the mommy?

The lion daddy has a big mane, but the mommy doesn't.

The elephant daddy is called a bull, and the elephant mommy is called a cow.

4. Is this animal bigger than this one?

In real life, the elephant is the biggest animal of all.  The giraffe is the tallest animal of all.

5. Can this animal talk to that one?

Hmm. I believe animals can communicate with each other.  Birds and monkeys squawk when a big snake is coming, and they warn the other animals.  So if they have a reason to communicate and something important to say, yes, they can.
The rhino is attacking the mother lioness,
probably not such a good idea.
Do you have any suggestions for playing with animal toys with kids? I invite you to leave a comment below; I'd love to hear from you! Roar!

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  1. I love the way you built simple learning into daily play through your questions!


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